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The team from Bisley at Braidwood near Selkirk in Scotland pride themselves on a swift, honest and reliable gunsmiths service.

We understand that the unexpected can happen to your shotgun or firearm and we deal with everything from factory level repairs, renovations, and modifications to alterations for special uses. Perhaps you have inherited or purchased a new gun that requires some adjustments to ensure maximum fit? Everything is possible and we ensure a friendly, swift turnaround in service across the board. From woodworking, checkering, machining, metal finishing and metalworking, our gunsmith has a wealth of understanding when it comes to the mechanical characteristics and function of guns.

Gun Services

From one of the finest shooting grounds in the UK, Bisley at Braidwood in the beautiful Borders of Scotland, offers gun servicing for £108.00. This will include stripping the action, cleaning and removing all internal dirt and grime, an inspection of the components, advising of any part(s) requiring replacement, re-assembly, lubrication and a test fire to ensure your gun is fully operational and minimise any problems in the field. If you are interested in our gunsmiths service simply bring your gun and licence to our Gunroom or call 01835870280 for details.

Here are some of the ways  even a properly handled firearms can fail and endanger their users and those around them:

  • Improper Assembly
  • Missing Parts
  • Cracks: all cracked parts are cause for concern, but especially so in the chamber-area, bolt, bolt-lugs, or buttstock.
  • Bore Obstructions: being either dented or bent barrels, or foreign material in barrels.
  • Improper Headspace: dimensions concerning the relative locations of the chamber and the bolt are not within specified tolerances.
  • Improper Timing: (applies to fully automatic firearms and revolvers).
  • Safety-Mechanism Malfunctions: potentially allowing a firearm with the safety mechanism supposedly engaged to unexpectedly fire.
  • Worn Sear Edges: potentially allowing a firearm to unexpectedly fire when the safety mechanism is disengaged.
  • Firing-Pin Tips Deformed: leading to the possibility of primer-rupture.

For more details please contact us on +441835870280 or and we would be happy to help.