At the UK’s premiere shooting ground in Bisley we have the finest gun fitters who conduct a detailed review of your shooting before starting the gun fit, thereby ensuring that you have the most accurate measurements and advice possible. With decades of shooting experience and backgrounds in mechanical engineering, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands with our qualified gun fitters.

Don’t be fooled by quick gun fits! A correct gun fit takes time as it involves so much more than just a few measurements. Reviewing the way you shoot in real time, out on the ground, and ensuring a consistent gun mount is an essential part to ensuring a perfect fit. If you are looking to spend money on a custom gun fitting service then we highly recommend taking the time with the gun fitting.

Whatever discipline you enjoy shooting, from game, to sporting or trap shooting our expert gun fitting service includes advice and adjustments to existing guns, or a full set of personal measurements for new guns. Whether for side by side or over & under shotguns, 12 and 20 bore, expert advice will be given on technique and solutions addressed for eye dominance. It is your time, so make the most of it.

At the end of the Gun Fit service a full set of personal measurements will be issued to you with a copy being kept at Bisley Shooting Ground. These measurements will then allow your preferred gunsmith to make the necessary alterations for you.

For further details or to book a Gun Fitting at Bisley Shooting Ground please speak to Reception on +441483797017 or

Bisley Shooting Ground

We offer gun storage for Full Members of Bisley Shooting Ground, please click here to join. We are located just outside west London, close to a train station and the airports: Heathrow (under 30mins), Gatwick (under 50mins) – we can help.

You can collect your gun 7 days a week.

For further details please speak to Reception on +441483797017 or

Bisley at Braidwood

Looking for safe and convenient gun storage in the Scottish Borders just south of Edinburgh – we can help. Or perhaps you need a gun service that you can count on? With expert gunsmiths and working gunroom, we pride ourselves on offering a reliable and swift service. More details here.

You can collect your gun 6 days a week.

For further details or to book Gun Storage at Bisley at Braidwood please speak to Reception on +441835870280 or