• The Club Champions will be decided on the highest average score over the year.
  • Averages will only be calculated on those shoots attended.
  • All cards issued on the day must be returned. Non returns will count as 0.
  • Members will need to attend a minimum of 9 (from 12) shoots to qualify.
  • We will continue with the handicap system and these will be held on the March, June, September and November Club Shoots. Those Members who have shot a Club Shoot prior to March will be given a handicap for the day.
  • To qualify for a handicap prize you will need be a Member and to have shot a minimum amount of club shoots as shown on our Understanding Handicapped Scores page.
  • All shooters must have a valid shot gun licence and their own gun
  • Strictly Fibre wad cartridges only – NO PLASTIC WADS

If you have any queries on the day, please speak to The Club Shoot Organisers.