Understanding Handicapped Scores


We hold 5 handicap shoots each year on our March, May, July, September and November shoots.  We base the scoring system on a handicap score of 80.  Therefore if your yearly average score is showing less then 80 we will add the difference to the score you got on the handicap shoot to give you a new score.  Please see the example below:

Peter Rosic0766676777

Therefore if Peter was to score 75 on the May shoot (which is a handicap shoot) we will add 7 to his score giving him a total of 82 for the May Club Shoot.

We will do this with every member that has shot a club shoot prior to the May shoot ie they have a handicap score so far for the year.  Then we will put all scores together for Men’s, Ladies and Juniors and we will award prizes to the top 5 overall scores.

If you are in the fortunate position of having an average score above 80 and your handicap score is showing as a minus figure, we do not take anything off your score.

To qualify for a handicap prize you will need to have shot a minimum amount of Club Shoots as follows:

Handicap ShootMinimum Number of Club Shoots
November 5

For the purpose of the Club Champion this will be based on your true score for each shoot, with the highest average score for the year winning the club champion title, providing a minimum of 9 shoots have been attended