Bisley Shooting Ground welcomes your support as we face the NRA

Bisley Shooting Ground (BSG) is a family owned Sporting Clay shooting business just 30 miles from London and run by myself and son, Alexander. Anthony bought the business 20 years ago and with considerable investment and hard work it has since become the largest sporting clay shooting ground in the country with a fantastic team of incredibly hard working and loyal staff.

Unfortunately, all this is at risk as our landlord, the National Rifle Association (NRA), is refusing to honour a historic agreement and will not agree to renew our 21 year lease, instead attempting to take over the business with no compensation.  We have tried to negotiate reasonably with the NRA, including sending them proposals, but they are refusing to discuss our renewal. The NRA have clearly seen the success that has been made of the business and, in the words of the NRA Chairman at the AGM this year  “he would rather that money comes to the NRA, rather than the shareholders of Bisley Shooting Ground. It’s that simple”.  He goes on to say that the NRA  “don’t want to be held up because we have got a 21year lease with somebody who is trousering (vastly exaggerated profit) at our expense”.  This is an extraordinary comment since the NRA have made no financial contribution and it is us who bought the business, financed the total refurbishment and maintained the c19th clubhouse and pay significant rent to the NRA, which the NRA is able to enjoy without taking any of the commercial risks of running the business.

We are challenging the decision in the courts, and have secured an injunction to prevent the NRA from imminently taking us over.  For years great effort has been made to communicate openly with the NRA to reach a solution satisfactory to all, however the NRA are resolute in wanting to take over our business and run it themselves, despite having a terrible track record in such endeavours. We have watched in horror as other NRA tenants seem to have been bullied and threatened with legal cases they cannot afford to finance and have had to capitulate.  Enough is enough and we are determined, when threatened, to take the NRA full on, not only to protect our family business but to hold the NRA to account and thus prevent them from attacking other tenant businesses, who may not be able to resist the relentless pressure.

It would be a great help if you could pass this on to any other interested parties and all contributions will be very much appreciated.  

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Thank you so much

Best wishes,

Anthony & Alexander

For those interested, the Telegraph article covering the Artists Rifles can be accessed here.

** To view BSG’s response (published 8 July 2019) to the defamatory, incorrect and misleading NRA press release in response to our fundraising click here.