Our Instructors

At Bisley we pride ourselves on having world-class layouts to match the industry-leading instructors. Every member of the team is carefully selected and the instructors are all renowned within their field, with the majority having shot for their country or county.

We understand that it’s not just about finding the best instructors in the business, but that the relationship between the instructor and the client is most important. As such we believe a relaxed and welcoming approach to shooting provides the best results for all.

With dedicated members of the team to work on appointments, corporate and private events we can cater to any wishes to create a bespoke solution for your needs.

For more details on instruction click on the relevant school or call us: Bisley Pay & Play +441483487570 or Bisley at Braidwood +441835870280

Our Instructors at Bisley Pay & Play

Tony Burt
Robbie Wilson
Steve Whitehorn
David Stewart
Matthew Etherington

Our instructors at Bisley at Braidwood

Ian Braithwaite
David Cater
Kim Cooper