Interested in trying one of the fastest growing sports in the country, fun for everyone with no prior experience necessary? Then clay pigeon shooting lessons at Bisley Pay & Play are perfect for you.

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Whether you want to try out a new sport, are looking to get your eye back in, or maybe looking to get rid of those bad habits, the exceptional facilities and industry-leading clay pigeon shooting lessons at Bisley will ensure that all your goals are met; and that you have a hugely enjoyable time. All lessons include professional instruction, gun hire, hearing protection, public liability insurance. Clays and cartridges are extra.

Bisley Pay & Play is known for its relaxed atmosphere and hugely approachable instructors, as we know that getting on with your instructor will do the world of good to ensure you get the most out of your lesson and have a great time clay pigeon shooting. 

For further details or to check availability please book in online here or speak to Reception on +441483 487570 or longsiberia@bisleyshooting.co.uk 

Please note there is a 24hr notice period with 50% of lesson price charge for late cancellations.

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Individual and Joint Lessons

For those who have never shot before, those who are looking to get their eye in again, or those looking to iron out problems – an instructor lesson is for you.

We welcome everyone from beginners to expert shots and our industry-leading instructors will ensure you get the most from your lesson.

You will typically shoot up to 100 cartridges in the hour.

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Practice with Instructors

For those who are experienced shooters, shooting on a regular basis and have their own gun and licence.

You will normally get through 125-200 cartridges per person.

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